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  • Certificate of  Completion will be given upon completion of the Basic Chaplain Training course, which is $150.00.  This course alone does not mean you are an ordained chaplain. This is only the first step.

  • Due to the pandemic, training will be virtual via Zoom and some additional correspondence.

  • Certificate of Ordination costs $200.00. This includes Certification of Ordained Chaplain, wallet-size certificate, and identification badge.

  • Referral discounts are available. Once a referral completes training, the referring member will receive a $50.00 discount on their renewal.

  • Payment Plans are available, as well as a Husband and Wife discount.

  • A background check is required if the student lives out of state. This cost is not covered by the original fee. This will be at the cost of the student.

  • Renewal of credentials due annually after the first year.

Important Information

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